Today we have something not this healty things ;) I made a chocolate cake for us a few days ago, and it was sooo easy, unfortunately I don't have one by one pictures of how-to-do-it but let I tell you ! And it's sooo good !



- 100g Cookies, (Digestive I think is best, i used some Marie-cookies what i found in my cubboard.)
- 1,5dl Butter.


- 190g Chocolate
- 1 tbs Brown sugar
- 1,5dl Whipping cream
- 3 tbs Butter


Crush cookies and melt butter, mix and add the bottom of the bowl, also to edges.
Put it in the frigde and start making chocolate filling.

Chop chocolate to baking bowl and leave it there for a moment, take kettle and add sugar, whipping cream and butter there, mix them and let them melt on the low heat, once you see it boils little, turn off the plate and add this mix top of the chocolate, cover the bowl and wait about 5mins, chocolate melts.

Once the chocolate is melted with ohters, mix them and add top of the bottom, let it cool and harden in the frigde and ready !

I made it with some normal milk chocolate but I can't wait to make it with some peanut or mint chocolate ! <3 yummy !

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