Here living in Spain i've been chanced my daily skincare routins upside down, everything is coming little by little more natural and healty, and even the change happend so easily, here its just comes more naturally !
That's why i wanted to open my tips a bit for you guys too, 'cause my skin has been full of impurities and skin infections nearly ten years, but its been little by little better now on these days :-) !

Firstable I wanna tell you something about Cold pressed Coconut oil ! In addition to use it for cooking, frying, in yogurts, in smoothies, in porriges, in breakfast pancakes, I use it for my skin:

Make-up remover: Working perfeckly for eye makeups ! normally I just dip those ear sticks (earsticks?:D) in coconut oil jar and carefully wipe around my eyes and lashes, then just wipe out rest of the makeup with cotton pad and ready ! im sure you dont need to add anymore nothing around eyes and even your lashes loves coconut oil ! ( Dont do this if you have eyelash extensions ! ) btw, havent try with waterproof maskara, have you?

Sunscreen: This I don't really want to recommended because of the sun dangers! But for me it works !
coconut oil have SPF around 4-10 and for me it is enough, its natural, it does not contain any unhealthy ingredients, smells good, and because of the antiseptic effect its good for the acne skin!
I'm adding in my biig coconut oil jar to small spray bottle, its easier to use and carry on the beach, muah !
Sometimes i'm mixing coconut oil with carrot oil and using this, now my carrot oil is finished, carrot oil have nice color, many many vitamins and 'cause the antioxidant effect it's good even broken skin, love this too !

Tooth whitening : Yes , ! coconut oil, exactly ! If you don't believe me, I tell you to try ! every morning and every night, 20 min ! Take one tablespoon coconut oil in your mouth and move it this 20 min in your mouth, all the time around and around! It's not same if you just hold it there! And don't swallow !
Here is this warm that my coconut oils are liquid all ready, but it dont take much time to melt in your mouth, feeling is bit ugly before you get use to it, but i promise it works !
I've been reading that some people don't even use toothpaste anymore, and this is the goal what I want to get ! No more poisons in my mouth !

Genereal Skin Care :  So I'm using coconut oil in my daily skincare for my tummy, for my skincream, for my toothwashing, make-up remover, deodorant, yes, im using it for deodorant, mostly 'cause just to skincare, not this much of  'deodorant-reasons' i'm lucky i'm not sweating and if i'm sweating, it's not smell.

 I'm using coconut oil also in my hairs, making hair treatments, adding oil to dry parts and ends, and leave it just as long you want, if you gonna leave it over the nigth, put some towel or something to your hairs, maybe in the morning you don't even need to wash your hairs, if all the oil is sink in!
It's good also your scalp if it's dry or scaly !

End of all this text came this long only with coconut oil that I'm gonna share my tips for a couple of posts, but here is now my coconutoil tips, <3
if you guys have something to ask, you are welcome ! and hopefully this tips help someone !

Expecially I recommended this toothwhitening, try ! and tell me your results !

<3 Ann-Marie

 My bf told me to write still in English like before, might touch more readers, problem is when I try to make translation, Finnish to English, English text becomes so different then finnish text, Of course english is not my motherlanguage soo.. :-D !  and two languages takes soo much time to write so is english okay for all of you , should i write this in finnish too ? what you think?  anyway, enjoy the tips, till the next time ! Kisses ! 

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