Morning flow, huh, well now i'm awake, but it took time hah, but yoga, done ! shower, done ! Jero out, done!
Now i'm just sit and wait 'cause we are going to lunch with my bf's brother and his gf and sister and her gf, in some cave restaurant !
Actually we spend all yesterday with them in Taurito, F's brother summer place, and the place was amazing !
View oh-my-god! We were seriously thinking to move there :D Forget all the requirements about big yard, 2 bedrooms, near to Ingles, no I don't care if I can make my morning yoga and see and smell the ocean !

Yep, about that apartment which I was telling about before, well, we had a sea, aaand haha well, it wasnt that amazing what we thought, in the first place there were a hole in the roof, of course it was covered and meant to be there but still, bugs, water ,humidity...
Area was okay, but the house was this dark and it was too this far away from the resort gate huh.

We go monday see one place more and then let see what shall we decide about.

As you can see I have more granny hair at the moment again, I like them much, but the color what i use is little hard, it makes the hairs partly blue..

Now I have to run, my poetic vein don't work today with finnish so sorry guys, try to survive with this language !
How's your days ? What you like the hair color ?

Hope the restaurant is good, I'm starving !

Kisses xxx


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