Yesterday was pretty shitty day, was seriously this hot that i couldn't, really couldn't do nothing !
I was melting under the fan and being sad cause of all the lazyness!

 Night time when we were driving back to home from my bf's gig, I was sad and tired and I was thinking, as every nigth, what things I can be grateful today, and to be honest, it was hard, until I realize,
well ,. firstable easy things,
I'm healty,
I have a wonderful husband ( how I like to call him. ) who loves me this much.
We have a home, small, but nice end off all..
and yeah ,I have a amazing dog, who is aaalways soo happy when we get back home, we are best to him and he is best for us. <3

And when I kept going to think this things I realized had no reasons to be unhappy or sad!
 Of course everyones are sometimes,because of the different reasons, but if you keep going to think, you are sad sad sad, you are, yeah ?
But when you smile, noticed all the things what you have and be grateful, you are going forward..

With this toughts I left you today,

What things you are grateful..?

Fresh orange juice with ice !
Ocean swimming trip in afternoon !
Smile of my husbands face in the morning !
Jeremiel and his small green toy going around the house !

I'm gratefull and happy.

Smiles and kisses


What ever we think about, & thank about, we bring about - John Demartini

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