Okay, let's go with part 2 of my natural skincare tips !

Aloe vera, Single bible  is the most famous plants in the whole world, in skincare and more!

 I use Aloeveragel for a nigthcream, (actually, our Aloevera is Aloevera + Rosa Mosquetta were is nothing else) it supposed to help acneskin etc, well it works for me, healing, dry spots and help skin infections !
 Aloevera includes vitamins A, B1,B2,B5,B12 C and E what your skin loves, Aloevera gel penetrates skin almost four times faster than water so its super moisturize the under layers of skin. <-this here

Aftershave  it's perfect for me too, it's very hydrating and this cooling effect i love! and they say too that you can use it for shaving gel too because its gives smooth surface of your skin. 

Deodorant, and if skin is tired or burned.
It's perfect use for a Aftersun ! Because refreshing and cooling effects, and it helps your skin to heal more quickly ! Aloevera gels are a bit sticky at first but when it dry it not mess your clothes or pillowcases, feeling is even more nice then after oils and creams !


When we cut the Aloe vera leaf, we leave it over the night in the kitchen sink, leaf leak out some liquits which might be allergizing or irritation of the skin, this what my husband told me ! After this it's ready to use, cut the piece what you need and apply to your skin.

Lemonjuice : We both use lemons juice for skincare, im using it like skintoner, after i've been removing all the make-up.  I wipe my face with lemon juice cotton pad, it helps removes blackheads, and lemon contain citric acid prevents skin dryness and contribute to remove dead skin cells.

Carrot Oil:  This i love to use for a sunscreen too, SFP nearly 40 (which I read ) and soo much betacaroten which helps you get smooth tan and nice orange color what gives little self tanned feeling too!
carrot oil have many antioxcidant effects so you can use if even skin is a bit broken, and carrot oil have anti-age effect too because of this betacaroten. and vitamins A. B, C, D, E and F, Lovely product i say !

These are products what comes my mind now, which I use daily or weekly in my skincare routins,
questions ? ask ! comments ? tell ! :)

When something else comes my mind I promise to share them with you guys!

TIP! If you find tick for example your pets, put olive oil in this area and wait little time, tick dies and 'relax' so it's easier to remove off to skin ! 
( like we had again once again in Jero this morning ! :(  ) 



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