Sorry guys about yesterdays silence, I had a busy day ! In the morning down in salong, then naps, watching apartment .. Yes all the time we were looking for a new apartment, we just have pretty much requirements so let see, but monday we go see one what is next to beach !
 I'm sure this is going to be our new home ! 

 But now the smoothie what I promised to you! 


We bought a blender few days ago and i've been using it since then now everyday ! I love it ! 

So here is
1 Orange
1 Apple
1 Lime juice 
piece of ginger 
fresh mint 

it was so fresh and good ! Even my boyfriend has been drinking and liked those ! win win! 

Yesterday I mixed 

1 Egg
1ts Spirulina
piece of cucumber
1 Pear
Fresh mint
3tbs yogurt
half lemon juice

Fresh, healty and good !

Now it's smoothie time again, let see what I mix this time, and then we run to the beach ! Sun is back and Calima is nearly gone ! Woop !

 Happy day to everyone and smile !



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