Tämmönen löyty luonnoksista, jonka luulin julkaisseeni aikaa sitten, hups.

A few weeks months ago I read how-to-do laundry liquid by yourself, and when it's natural and cheap, good for the nature, tell me reason why not to try ?

 It's so simple, you need soda, water, salt and pure natural soap, for example Marseille soap which I used,
Marseille soap is biodegradable and 100% natural product.

n.100g pure natural soap
n.1dl salt
cup of soda
1,5l water

Grate the soap in a jar or saucepan, add soda and salt.

I did it at first like putting soap in jar, (about 2 l jar ) and add boiling water on top. Be careful with the react of soda and boiled water,add water little by little, or i recommented to boil all this things together so the soap melts more sure. ( i had problem with this soap, it didnt melt so good )  If you feel like you can add around 20 drops of natural fragrance oil, lavender, vanilla etc.
Shake well before use. :)

This was my first time to do this, so you are welcome to share tips and wises to me !
I tried this for a laundry, but I felt it didnt was them so well, or then I should to try something else then doorcarpets :-D ( because I used bakery soda, not this ''washingsoda'') but I add it in spray bottle for the kitchen cleaning, and washing floors, perfect for this ! :- ) Liquids here are so strong and nearly everyone gives me a headache 'cause of the smell. 

So let wash naturally for now on !

Share your tips with me ? How you wash your laundrys ? :-)

Smiling !


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